Stunning Rustic House Design – Exterior & Interior Architecture

The Rustic house design that will be present below is the architectural design constructed by Gudmundur Jonsson Architect located in Bjergøy, Norway name as Cabin GJ-9. With modern and rustic look and carefully blend with nature design, this inviting architecture was build in overall surrounding consideration. With cabin style injected in the design, the house project result in simple minimalist yet charming looks. Located outside the crowd near the lake create more inviting and green views to your eyes. With the inviting front glass doors decorated with perfect lighting further enhance our desire to explore the interior architecture.

Modern Cabin House Design With Wooden Flooring and Fireplace

The living room design utilizing hardwood flooring from high quality wood suitable with the value of this stunning house. A simple yet creative and match the furniture in living room interior design further increase our desire to duplicate the ideas, with fireplace install and white creamy sofa sets suites with solid hardwood coffee table from high artistic designer make it most amazing simple living room design with glass wall. I’m pretty sure, most of us will easily fall in love with the art injected to this stunning rustic house architecture design. For better views, you can check more beautiful pictures of this stunning house design below.

Rustic Cabin House Design Front View

Contemporary lighting for front house
Front view of rustic house with vanity lighting
General viewing from glass wall living room

Lake view from living room
Modern cabin house hallway with wood floor
Natural stone decoration
Outdoor suite furniture with bench
Rustic Cabin House Design With Lighting

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