25 Modern Glass Facades Design Featured on Houzr

Glass facades become a modern and beautiful feature of 21st century architecture. With all new homes and buildings, emphasis on bright and light interiors is key to providing a fresh and uplifting atmosphere – and there is no better way to achieve this than using a modern glass facade to make the most of natural light. Expanses of glass are not only appealing from the inside of a house, but are also visually stunning from the outside with a striking, glittering appearance that adds to the impression of a building. In modern architecture, intelligent glass facades can be imaginatively designed with the incorporation of one-way glass that acts as a mirror to the surrounding environment whilst providing phenomenal views from the inside and maintaining privacy for residents. By creating a close link between the interior and exterior of a building using intelligent glass facades, the spaces inside will appear bigger and are beautifully illuminated during the day, whilst the feature also provides inspiring panoramic views of the area and will feature as a key selling point of any property. Lets start our journey to top 25 Modern Glass Facades Design.

Cubic House Design of House on Chilliwack Street with Green Grass Garden and Brown Wall which is Made from Wooden Material
Modern Glass Facades Design
Modern Glass Facades Design2
Modern Glass Facades Design3
Modern Glass Facades Design4
Modern Glass Facades Design5
Modern Glass Facades Design6
Modern Glass Facades Design7
Modern Glass Facades Design8
Modern Glass Facades Design9
Modern Glass Facades Design10
Modern Glass Facades Design11
Modern Glass Facades Design12
Modern Glass Facades Design13
Modern Glass Facades Design14
Modern Glass Facades Design15
Modern Glass Facades Design16
Modern Glass Facades Design17
Modern Glass Facades Design18
Modern Glass Facades Design19
Modern Glass Facades Design20
Modern Glass Facades Design21
Modern Glass Facades Design22
Modern Glass Facades Design23
Modern Glass Facades Design25

10 Gorgeous White Leather Sofa Set Designs for Your Home

Looking for some great ideas for decorating in your new home? Add instant style to any part of your home with white leather sofa set design will be a good idea to bring fascinating looks for your entire interior especially when suit with a suitable theme room. Leather is always a good choice for sofas and chairs. Take a look at the 10 gorgeous white leather sofa set designs for your home.

White Leather sofa with purple White Sofa and Natural Lit Living Room with Black Modern Soft Living Room Design With White Sofa Pillow Interior Design for a White Sofa Interior Design for a White Sofa 2 White Contemporary Bed Sectional Sofas Leather Sofa Bed Sleeper Room Modern Furniture stunning modern white living room furniture feminine apartment decoration also modern white sofa Modern White Leather Sectional Sofa White sofa Rectangle coffee table Modern fireplace

11 Insanely Cool DIY Mirror Design Ideas You Need To See

Mirror  are simply the most elegant, useful, and interesting element in home design. The ideas to use mirror in the interior design become more important when it come to small space in your living room. Utilizing mirror to decorate your home will help to give a sense of bigger space because the ability of the mirror to reflect the light. Human eyes can be easily fool by mirror light reflection thus brightening a room and create the sensation of bigger space.

This post is not about the tricks or tips on how to use mirrors but more toward the power of human creativity to use the recycled material around them  to create a very cool mirror design. Lets get fool with mirror and enjoy these creative ideas below :

1# DIY Driftwood Sunburst Mirror

shirley10                                                     Credit to : alamodemaven.com

2# DIY Shell Mirror

diy shell mirror                                             Credit to : homedit.com

3# Chrysanthemum Mirror

chrysanthemum-mirror-13                              Credit to : addicted2decorating.com

4# Ruler Mirror

diy mirror ideas                                                 credit to : designsponge.com

5# DIY Sunburst Mirror

DIY Sunburst Mirror                                              credit to : ksarahdesigns.typepad.com

6# DIY Mirrored Tray Wall Decor

DIY Mirrored Tray Wall Decor                                      credit to : dimplicity.com

7# Nautical Rope Mirrors

Nautical Rope Mirrors                                                 credit to : thelilypadcottage.com

8# DIY Frosted Glass Doily Mirror

DIY Frosted Glass Doily Mirror                                             Credit to : shelterness.com

9# Mirror With Costume Jewelry

Mirror With Costume Jewelry                      Credit to : wikihow.com

10# Plywood Mirror

KOLJA mirror adhered to plywood

11# Hanging Mirrors

Hanging Mirrors                                         credit to : niftythriftythriving.blogspot.com

As usual please share this ideas to your friend if you find it valuable. You might want to enjoy other post : diy light lamps ideas