11 Insanely Cool DIY Mirror Design Ideas You Need To See

Mirror  are simply the most elegant, useful, and interesting element in home design. The ideas to use mirror in the interior design become more important when it come to small space in your living room. Utilizing mirror to decorate your home will help to give a sense of bigger space because the ability of the mirror to reflect the light. Human eyes can be easily fool by mirror light reflection thus brightening a room and create the sensation of bigger space.

This post is not about the tricks or tips on how to use mirrors but more toward the power of human creativity to use the recycled material around them  to create a very cool mirror design. Lets get fool with mirror and enjoy these creative ideas below :

1# DIY Driftwood Sunburst Mirror

shirley10                                                     Credit to : alamodemaven.com

2# DIY Shell Mirror

diy shell mirror                                             Credit to : homedit.com

3# Chrysanthemum Mirror

chrysanthemum-mirror-13                              Credit to : addicted2decorating.com

4# Ruler Mirror

diy mirror ideas                                                 credit to : designsponge.com

5# DIY Sunburst Mirror

DIY Sunburst Mirror                                              credit to : ksarahdesigns.typepad.com

6# DIY Mirrored Tray Wall Decor

DIY Mirrored Tray Wall Decor                                      credit to : dimplicity.com

7# Nautical Rope Mirrors

Nautical Rope Mirrors                                                 credit to : thelilypadcottage.com

8# DIY Frosted Glass Doily Mirror

DIY Frosted Glass Doily Mirror                                             Credit to : shelterness.com

9# Mirror With Costume Jewelry

Mirror With Costume Jewelry                      Credit to : wikihow.com

10# Plywood Mirror

KOLJA mirror adhered to plywood

11# Hanging Mirrors

Hanging Mirrors                                         credit to : niftythriftythriving.blogspot.com

As usual please share this ideas to your friend if you find it valuable. You might want to enjoy other post : diy light lamps ideas

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